Baby Shower Blissđź’™


On March 11 baby Z had his baby shower and it couldn’t have been any more amazing! With our family taking a huge hit from last week, I honestly didn’t think we’d pull through. But the women in my life are truly amazing , from family to friends. Baby Zachari is blessed beyond words to have such a great support system. Above is a picture of the lovely cake and my favourite childhood book which my sister in law put thought into. She organized the shower and made it so so special for me and baby Z. The day was full of games for the kiddies and for adults. I loved seeing my family smile. We really needed it too.

I hope all my bloggers are doing well💙 I’ll be sure to catch up with you all soon Xx


The Circle of Life…Gods mysterious plan.

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For the past week, I have been in the deepest darkest time I have experience in a while. Something I can’t yet wrap my head around as to how incredibly lost and saddened I feel. On February 28, I lost my cousin to suicide from mental illness…. something I didn’t think would ever happen but looking back, can say that I should have known or done something about it. But it’s a shame to try to see what I could have done when my cousin had sooo much love and support around him. We are all so saddened so shocked, so, I don’t even know.

We celebrated his life on the day of his funeral with love felt words and the support of many, many, and I mean many people that he had touched with his love and his amazing persona. My cousin was a brilliant being, loving and caring and would do anything for anyone, and he did. But he suffered so much mentally…. he suffered a pain that made him leave his family, wife… 3 beautiful girls under the age of 10 whom he ADORED and never ceased to be there for them. Those girls adored him too…. words can’t even express.


Well, it took a toll on me, a huge one, and it still is. A couple days after his passing I started to leak or so I thought, some amniotic fluid. I went straight to the hospital to get checked. Everything was fine, but I have to say the doctors and nurses kept telling me that Zachariah’s heart beat is wonderful music to their ears and that he has a very beautiful heart beat. The reason why I’m saying this is that I am so emotional and so distraught, as a mother to be, my heart aches by my cousins passing. I feel as though my sweet baby boy and Angel is being strong for ME While I have been in this state of mind. I can’t believe how incredibly calm and strong he’s been because this wasn’t the only time the doctors told me about his beautiful heart beat and it’s just a streak of good news about this. I just can’t help but take it as a sweet sign that he is my calm and my strength.

Baby Zachari, you are SO loved, your mommy has learned a lot about love this past while, and how much it is important to be there for all the ones that come into our lives. We never know who we can save, or who we can change just by one little moment of love. I would never want to risk that moment again and I will always try to be that person. Baby Zachari, you already are that person to me and I just know you will be that person to everyone you meet. Love you my sweet pure boy. May God always bless you and keep youđź’™

Dear Zachariah

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B2F6A79A-D6FA-4DF7-A0AF-E2551C734BAA.jpegYou’re making me better, softer, kinder every single day. My heart beats for you now and forever. My love for life  is growing,  and your Daddy, I know, feels this too. you are our 🌎 world.


Sushi for the Preggo!

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C22FFB0C-2145-45BB-9E30-F741E9ED4E47.jpegTonight my hubby took me for sushi! He knows I’ve long awaited for this night lol. I love sushi sooo much but don’t worry, I’m not that dense. I didn’t have any fish to be safe! Pregnancy can sometimes be a drag especially when you can’t enjoy your favourite foods! The veggi sushi hit the spot though so it’s okay.

I wish I had enjoyed our dinner date to the fullest though, after a few bites of sushi I felt sooo drained and tired and couldn’t wait to go home.

Still very grateful that my husband took me to eat sushi and it’s just that much more special because he won’t even try sushi but he took me just so I could enjoy it 💙

Are any of my pregnant mamas just as obsessed with sushi as I am? What is your favourite food during pregnancy ?

looking foward to reading your blogs! Xx


Motherhood advice

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We are extremely hard on ourselves. Especially during our first year of becoming parents. Questioning our every move and decision. There are plenty of things we will look back on… The post 7 Things I won’t Regret on our First Year Together… appeared first on Pregnant and Perfect.

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30 weeks today!


I am Superwoman and you are my kryptonite / I am strong.
✨thirty weeks✨


3D ultrasound!



Hi Mommy and Daddy! Meet Baby Zachari! This is my 3D ultrasound at 29 weeks! I was being very stubborn and the technician was trying to get my face for one hour and managed to get some shots and then gave up! I kept hiding my face  with my feet as I nibbled on my toes! These are two of the best pics you will get!  Enjoy💙