Baby Zachariah

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C488297C-1264-4CF8-AB30-9DDE1623D1A6.jpegIt’s been a while but the holidays have just consumed me! Now that I’m back on schedule I’ll be sure to write more often.

This blog is about our Minis name. Hubby and I have been deciding on his name for a while now but we feel deeply that we have come to the perfect name for him.  Hubby heard the name on the radio and I, as fascinated as I am with serendipity and spiritual meanings, jumped on google and searched the name up to see if it has a nice meaning to it. Lo’ and behold the name was just right for our little one and for us as a growing little family.




With hubby and I being mixed cultures ( me being Italian and hubby being Afghan) the name is culturally appropriate for both. It is an Abrahamic name and so it is a Hebrew,Christian, Muslim and Bahai name. The name also means ‘God remembers’ or, ‘Remembered by God’ and this holds so much meaning for us…

For one, it gives us a feeling of God’s grace and mercy towards us… as I wrote in a previous blog, I prayed before having the blessing of getting pregnant that if I were to, it would be a blessing and am mercy for us and from God. I wrote about this in my diary and my conception date, according to the doctor fell right on that date.  And even if it’s several days after give or take, it is still such a blessing to have gotten pregnant after I had prayed.

The name is also a reminder of how God has remembered our prayer because it literally means this. I feel peace knowing this and that hubby had a passion for the name while I liked it too. It sorta just feels right.

So unless something else miraculously happens in which another name comes along that has even more meaning, then Baby Zachariah, we can’t wait to hold you and meet you💙



20 week ultrasound!

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CDDB66C3-5CA1-4148-9024-6BD7B113C156Our little Mini not only has a gender but now has developed his sweet profile where we can see his tiny features. I’m so in love with you my baby Boy 💙

You will soon be given a name too! Your father and I are feeling a name that suits you so wonderfully. Your father heard it on the radio and your mother looked up the name and it has such a beautiful meaning. Soon we will confirm your name but either way my baby Boy we just know it will be perfect for you.

Love always, Mommy and Daddy


Gender Revealed! Baby is a……


Yesterday afternoon Hubby and I had our 19 week ultrasound! And we got to see our little Mini who will soon have a name! We didn’t get to see the babies face because little one decided to hide face down for the entire ultrasound.. I flipped to each side and laid on my back, the technician even purposefully made lots of noises with that thing-a-majjig that she uses to capture the babies silhouette but still, little one laid sound a sleep in it’s comfortable position. HOWEVER, lol baby let us have a nice clear view of it’s behind and well… let’s just say baby is an obvious BOY!!

We couldn’t be happier as a family, hubby and I were very excited and overjoyed! And now we can start talking to the baby and identifying him as well…him! Lol


I must say though, I was anticipating and a little hyped up for a girl. Partly because 97% of my friends and family said girl and I started to really feel I was having one. I even started planning how I’d be with her and all the things I learned as a daughter and my mother-daughter relationship…

I know there is a purpose for everything so little Mini this is what I want you to know each day that passes by in every little and big way that I can,  you are my purpose and I love you more than anything already, you are my protection and I am yours, I can’t see my life without you already, my precious baby Boy💙.

5 Months already!

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Wow… I don’t know where time has gone. Sometimes it feel like time is taking forever. Especially counting by weeks. But now that I’m at 19 weeks I’m almost half way there and I am 5 months already! Belly had grown a lot this week and I’m feeling a bit of cramping with some back and hip pain. Which tells me I have to start doing more exercises and stretches. I have been getting occasional headaches as well and nose bleeds. And sinus congestion. So, that hasn’t been too fun … I’m also easily overwhelmed and moody ( not good when it comes to problem solving in my everyday life) I’ve also just come over a horrible virus that gave me a sore throat and a lot of nasal congestion and a lingering lerongitis ( lost my voice for a week) …


This was my *not so fun* update but on the upside I am excited to share my baby bump that has been ever so plump and eager to show 💕



According to my expectant app on my phone, Mini is the size of a large tomato or a mango!

And next week… Husband and I will be finding out Minis gender! Stay tuned, so excited 💙

Me time.

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“Without deep reflection one knows from daily life that one exists only for other people”

Albert Einstein

Below is a picture of my ‘go to place’. Ever since I was a teen ( Over 10 years now) I have come to this place on my parents street just to collect my thoughts and find peace and stare at the scenery. Becoming a mother brought me back here again and it’s no wonder. With a lot going on in my head I am bound to end up on this bench. I always leave a lot lighter so it’s a good thing . The quote above  from Einstein is exactly what I came to consciousness about. I’ve always been so worried, feeling so responsible for my family members or friends and never for myself.  I realized that I am this kind of person and it is a gift to care for so many people but I must remember to love myself first now and still be the person that can be there for so many others too, I’m sure Mini wouldn’t want it any other way.


Nesting into Motherhood


Nest, we all know the feeling when we are home, when we are safe, when we are comfortable.

A Nest is exactly that, we find ourselves building a nest in whatever project we have ourselves in; when we are building our careers, when we are living our careers, when we are becoming or become a father or a mother; we cozy down, settle in what we are doing… we nest.

As a mother-to-be, my body is conjuring up a nest where the baby makes itself comfortable and where I can protect it. As a mother-to-be I am also nesting as I settle into the familiar-innate knowing of motherhood and all it entails. I find comfort in knowing I am ‘Mother’, I find safety and refuge in knowing I am loved already so much from the ‘being’ inside me. I am rested and nested in this new life, this new endeavour or this new world, a world that you grow and thrive but make your nest so that you can settle in that place that makes you, you. That nest.

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Some updates on the Baby-bump. It’s been a while.



It’s about time I get to write again, and this evening I am just going to recap on what’s been going on recently.

I’ve been pretty much feeling a whole lot better now that I am in my 2nd trimester, the only thing I feel is occasional headaches(if I do not eat properly) and tiredess and laziness lol.  For instance I planned to go to Aqua fitness tonight but I had a long day (headaches and tiredness today) so I am in no mood to bring myself to exercise. I try not to be too hard on myself considering I have been doing more exercise lately now that I am pregnant as per before pregnancy so that deserves some credit!

I went to my first OB appointment yesterday which was a bit confusing because my doctor gave me the go-ahead to book an appointment and see this OB which  only delivers at etobicoke hospital when I wanted to deliver at  the new Humber hospital on keele.  The OB was still very kind enough to give me my first full OB visit where I found out Mini’s due date is actually May 4! Not  April 30 . OB said it’s much more accurate based on the last ultrasound and measurements and went on to ask me if August 11  rings a bell for the conception date and…yep it does! Beautiful story about how it rings a bell is that I specifically recall three dates in August that it had to be, August 4,11, or our One year anniversary August 20th…. well I wrote in my personal diary a little prayer on the 11th asking God to bless us with a child and if He so wills it, may it be a mercy and a blessing for us …. how darn beautiful  that the OB brought the 11th up as the exact date.

I jumped a bit but that was definitely a story to be shared …anyways the OB was very kind and considerate and I would love to have her permanently but I have been so stuck on having the Humber hospital as my delivery and maternity care … she has convinced me a bit about the Etobicoke hospital and although I’ve heard lots of bad news from people, she did make a point that the maternity care is exceptionally well and that she would be delivering the baby( a friend who referred me to her said that she pretty good on attendance). So I have some homework to do and decide what I want to do.

Lastly, I was going thru my results and read that Mini’s placenta is anterior which means the placenta is at the front and will make the babies kicks and movements harder to detect, oh how I was looking foward to those moments for assurance and comfort of  knowing little ones okay.  I look forward to hearing the babies heart beat at every doctors visit! And yesterday’s was again so amazing when I heard it so not feeling the kicks will definitely keep me worried. Anyone of my mommies experienced this and have any thoughts to share?

Okay lastly-last lol I just want to share a couple photos of a place I always seem to navigate to during my walks with my dog .. this place here is not too far from my parents home and I always sit at this bench and just go through my thoughts and try to clear my head… the last pic was really cute because the clouds actually look like there is a thought bubble coming from my pups head; ironic and suiting for why I end up there each time in the first place. Anyways, Thank you for reading  and looking foward to your comments and blogs  Xx